How big is the Ring Thing?

The Ring Thing is 1.88 inches high and 1.50 inches wide at the base.

The inner diameter is 1.31 inches.

The width from the edge of the inner post to the edge of the inner base is 0.44 inches.

What size rings will the Ring Thing hold?
The Ring Thing will hold up to a 12.5 ring with a stone. The capacity will depend on the height and setting of the stone.
Is the Ring Thing waterproof?

The Ring Thing is waterproof, airtight, and it floats! This is a great safety feature if it ever drops into the water.

How secure is the Ring Thing when it is closed?

The precision closing mechanism provides very secure closure, with the top firmly attached to the bottom. It has a smooth action and is very easy to use.

Does the Ring Thing break easily?

The Ring Thing is very durable. We have dropped it onto concrete, and have had a 170 man stand on it. It has not broken and is fully functional after every test. Please see our video showing a man standing on it, and how the Ring Thing opens beautifully once he steps off.

Can you use the Ring Thing to store other small items?

Yes! The Ring Thing was specifically designed to protect rings, and that is its primary function. It’s also a great way to keep other jewelry pieces safe, including earrings and necklaces, as well as line and chain bracelets. The separator disks allow multiple items to be stacked inside.
The Ring Thing was not designed to hold hearing aids, pills and other non-jewelry items, although the user could choose to use it to hold many types of personal items.

How many rings can one Ring Thing hold?
This depends on the size and style of the ring. Four bands can easily be stacked inside, and the separator disks allow them to be stacked without touching or damaging the ring above or below.
Can rings slip off of the top of the post when the Ring Thing is inverted?
No! One of the functional design elements is that the top of the post is just short of the top, and is so close to the top that even a thin band cannot slip off of the post when the Ring Thing is inverted.
Is there a way to prevent rings from banging into the top when the Ring Thing is inverted?
Yes! Each Ring Thing comes with three separator disks to keep ring safe. We recommend placing one disk on top of the last ring in the stack. This protects your rings from banging into the top when the Ring Thing is inverted. We are happy to provide additional separator disks at no charge upon request.

The Ring Thing is Pretty and Strong

The Ring Thing is Waterproof